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are NDE's legit?


Jul 15, 2015
research it, you come close to death and leave your body, doctors resuscitate you and you live knowing about the afterlife.

i haven't even found anything damningly bluepilled about it which is great. we know personality is determined by external things yet some religions punish  'bad' people (ugly/mean = bad). can you blame someone for who they're conditioned to be?

the most bluepilled things about near death experiences are
a) belief there's a hell for bad people like ER or Hitler, who obviously would've turned out differently if only they were born in different cultures or with BETTER FACES

b) a lot of people interested in NDE's are just selfish, want to live forever in heaven or fear the idea that nothing happens after death. so they'll lie to themselves

there are many reasons to believe though, like nobody has been able to debunk NDE theorists due to lacking knowledge of consciousness.