Are kiwifarmers just acting retarded or legitimately retarded?


Aug 6, 2015
no joke
i feel like i lose braincells every time i visit

this guy is either trolling very hard or legitimately retarded



Jun 30, 2015
mrz said:
They are seriously as bluepilled as it gets, like completely believe anything the government has told them. They have zero ability to think for themselves, they just repeat what the media and such says to them, and then pat themselves on the back for how clever they are to be able to mindlessly regurgitate what they've had force fed into them by their brainwashing masters. They are like hive mind creatures that get signals from the media, government, whatever, and just mindlessly follow them, reinforcing their beliefs to each other. They are truthfully just completely fucking pathetic, honestly just a sad pathetic forum of completely mindless zombie drones that exists for the sole purpose of zombies patting each other on the back for being brainwashed subhuman filth, like it's something to strive toward. They have never in their pathetic existences had a single original thought, because they entirely lack the capacity to think, indeed they shame those who think, thinking could take you away from the hive mind and its endless mantra of repeating what the television and government say.

Their complete lack of ability for original thought is clearly demonstrated by the fact that their entire forums purpose is to quote people on other forums and mock them for not being mindless brainwashed zombies. Like, these mindless zombies congregate together, to have no original thoughts, to quote people who have original thoughts, in order to mock them for thinking things different from the propaganda.

Sometimes you almost make the mistake of thinking they are just pretending to be mindless zombies to frustrate others, but with enough exposure to them you realize that in actuality they really are just that fucking pathetic and stupid. "How on Earth could so many people be so stupid", you may ask yourself, "certainly they are just trolling!", but no, the sad fact of the matter is they are not just trolling, they are really honestly just that fucking pathetic and stupid and mindless.
fuarking legit