Looksmax Anyone know legit hairtransplant surgeons in europe

Dec 23, 2019
My budget is €10k I probably need 3000 grafts so let's say 3.5€ per graft maximum. I'm 100% on doing it I just need to find the right doctor not doing it at some shady place for €3k

I've cancelled college and told all my friends I'm getting a hairtransplant I'm 22 so pretty young so idk maybe some doctors won't perform on me but I'm a year on dut so that's a major plus I've heard.

I'll get a nw1 or die trying if the hairtransplant fails I'll get another one I'm completely done with the baldcel life I will ascend so fucking hard words can't even describe it. Knowing how much of a slayer I was with a nw1 I can only banderas thinking about it.