Anyone else been friends with an NT alpha guy and been invited to parties?

Severe Aspie

Aug 9, 2015
I was friends with that super popular extroverted guy at primary school and high school... he basically only hang around with me because   knew that  I was lonely and felt sorry. He was the only friend I ever had in school. it started in primary school somewhere in the 3rd class.. and went on to high school. we did a lot of things , played playstation etc.

Later on when we grew older and went to high school, he invited me to parties,where I had acces to girls only because he felt so sorry with me.

Because he was popular and talked to everyone he know what all people in the town where thinking of me(it was a very small town where everyone knows each other)

He  gave me tipps on how to dress properly, and what things I should to not creep people out. I think he hoped that if he only gave the right tips to me I would change, and somewhere become cool so he wouldnt need to feel embarassed when he was seen hanging around with me.

He invited me to many parties with drunk sluts.

This was the only time of my life, when I had something going on with girls. I made out with a couple of drunk girls, fingered some and even had blowjobs. 

and thiis wasnt even close to the things to the things that guy had with girls, and what type of girls he fucked.

The guy eventually stopped contact at one point, due too much social pressure because I didnt change. He feared losing his status by hanging around with me.
Since then I am Incel.

Just lol at all the coping looks theorists.

extroverted 6+ NT guys get LAID a lot.


Anyone else had experienced the other site and was friends with a popular NT guy like I was?