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Anybody here got morphing skills?

Jun 29, 2015
Someone with morph skills should make a youtube channel showing how to do face morphs, tutorials for the steps. Get on that google adsense money. I need to learn more advanced morphing techniques

I am messing with a picture of myself. I compressed my fWHR height just enough for for my 0.89 to 1.1. My fWHR with that tweak is 2.1. I realized a fatal flaw to if I ever used this as a profile pic on tinder or something.

The ramus is shortened in the process compressing the entire fWHR. For that reason the lower third is less quared than before. I don't know how to morph that, I just know how to cut and resize stuff

Also I need a way to fix my canthal tilt, close to making slayer pics