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Any other european here use jodel? [CHAD STORY INSIDE]


May 26, 2019
Tbh it's full of women confirming black/red pill

Just saw one poster telling how she dropped her public transport card on the bus, and while picking it up the Chad sitting next to her also tried to do the same and their heads bumped together.

They started laughing and she told him "I can repay you by offering a drink" he asked "at a bar or over at yours"

She replied with "at my place", they exchanged numbers.
Then she got off the bus, she stopped to yell "I'm not looking for anything serious btw" from the door

Later that night she messaged Chad who came over to her apartment and banged her

Also women complaining they swiped on 4000 guys only to accept 4 on Tinder, "where are all the good men"