Am I getting Low Inhibition?


Jul 7, 2015
Yesterday I thought my infection I got in my jaw due to the surgery is not curable. Because I was on several antibiotic treatments for the last month since my surgery and there was found a microbe on the wound cloture test, the symptoms of my the infection seemed to be returning. I read some horrific stats about the state of the public health care here in Israel, and stories about young and healthy young men and women who losing their lives after an antibiotic resistant germ infecting them in the hospital, during seemingly minor surgery. And I tell you boyos, I didn't feel no regret or even sorry for myself. I just thought to myself:"Well you had a nice try to ascend and make it. It all comes to end. You had a nice run boyo. LOL!"

Today I know that the infection is not back, and it was just the stinky rotten stitches in my mouth giving me this unpleasant rotten sensation . But the experience I had yesterday was really eye opening and refreshing...