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All the the major news networks are utter shit


Jul 7, 2015
NN, CBS, SKY news, BBC news and FOX news. All of the above are not reliable news sources. The more you watch them, the more conflicted and confused you get. They always put those very pretentious and opinionated broadcasters who give you this gloom perspective on reality. And have this self assured voice and demeanor about themselves like they know what should be done. Even though they keep on repeating on they same fallacies with no end, and my guess never read a decent book during their life.

I don't really know what is the cause for all this news companies to gives such low quality news. All half baked, half chewed, full of fallacies, opinions, false and self contradicting statements and ideas. Is it just poor work ethics of reporters? Is there some narative they trying to build to further some hidden agenda? Or is just straight up marketing scheme of fear mongering to increase sales of products they are advertising?
I want hear your opinions opinions about the matter.

I'm asking myself why they are so false. Why they can't never reach a rational conclusion after analyzing the information, why do the keep on repeating on the same falsies and nonsense like fucking robots that can't self correct. You've seen what the media said about sadam hussein who was accused of taking babies out of incubators and killing them in Kuwait? you remember the media fueling the oil for the invasion to iraq after 9/11, saying that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction and had something to do with el Kaida. You've seen the news covering of the trayvon Martyn, reports that were false that distorted the facts.
Onion news and Alex jones are more legit source than those clowns.
What's your opinion on the matter? I want to hear your redpill perspective on all the fuckery the average normalfag buys into daily.