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All problems with women come down to Propinquity + Logistics issues

May 10, 2016
As long as you are an average White guy, all you need is Propinquity + Logistics and you will get laid.

If you are ethnic then Propinquity relates to ethnic women.


1. Bad Propinquity

You are a tradesman and don't meet any women in your day to day life. You will not get laid unless you start meeting them somehow.

2. Good Propinquity Bad Logistics

You are a uni student but you live 2 hours away from the uni (like many Australian student cucks). You will not get laid considerably unless you start living closer to uni, or sleep over at other peoples houses a lot.

3. Bad Propinquity

You study Engineering and have 2 girls in your class of 30


You will not get laid! Unless you start going to parties or change your major  :hi: