All of my fellow aspie friends in school didn't have to try to have sex

Jun 29, 2015
One of my friends told me that how he got his girlfriend was that he was on the bus and a girl sat next to him and started making out with him. The other a girl randomily came up to are group and asked if she thought her friend was cute, he said yes and that was how he got his girlfriend. All of my friends became normals until it was just me. Fuck being a framecel, going through puberty late, and having bad acne. It felt like everyone was out partying and having sex except for these three people including me. One was a framecel pubertycel like me and the other was a fat asian with bad acne. Me and this fat asian were the only two people in the school that had bad acne everyone else only had 2 pimples at the most. 
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