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admin should make this website into a social media website in order to monetize it

Sep 29, 2018
admin said he wants to monetize this website
the best thing he can do if he wants to do that, is to make this website into a social media website like twitter and instagram

by tapping in the cash cow demographic that this website ignores

 and that is gays, women, and minorities.

Women live for trying to have sex with chads, number 1 goal in life, if they get surgery, most can accomplish that because surgery benefits women more than males. 

we can help them do that.

gays are degenerates and will likely pay for surgery.
minorities are driving the usa economy, they believe in the american dream, this site can market to them.

but first before we do that we need to ban all misogyny, racism, and homophobia 

and give females, minorities, and gay users special rights here, so this website can get out the right wing loser failo manosphere into the liberal mainstream one.

once that happens @admin can monetize this website

i'm jewish so its in my dna to know ways to make money. its a natural instinct to me, like the ones lions have that naturally makes them climb the top of the food chain and become king of the jungle.

thoughts @admin?