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A venture out of the basement #invisibleman


Jan 25, 2016
Good evening incels.

Today I ventured out of my basement to my ethnikk toilet university. Here was my experience.

Tutorial - Bunch of shit regarding employability, usual generic "introduce your subhuman self"

Next two hours, pissing about in the library until my next tutorial.

- Enter tutorial.

Eastern European ethnikk (globalisation module) asks us to form groups.

- Two Americunts start chatting to each other, we need groups of 3, they completely ignore me  :blush: I await some kind of "hello" then a Britcunt talks about how he went to the same uni as one of them (he overheard their convo) Low and behold I'm forced into a group with two ugly ethnikks.

My uni is legit an ethnikk toilet, attractive women are like hens teeth here  :mad: I mean you see one every now and then but then it's centuries before you see another. Ethnikks are fecal matter.

@"MakeAmericaGreatAgain"  @"Anakind" 

It's also worth noting that I've practically made zero friends in my 3 years here  :giggle: Then again I barely turned up  :giggle: