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a simple reason to believe in eternal recurrence


Mar 23, 2016
or the idea that everything eventually repeats itself..

here it is: we live within a very narrow window of time where the emergence and sustenance of life is possible.
we live in a cosmic era called the 'age of stars', and before too long life in the universe will cease altogether as the stars all begin dying out.. we also couldn't exist too early on but that time period is insignificant compared to the future of the universe.

now, if the universe were a one off thing and it just happened to be a very brief period where observers could be there to question this stuff, that would be a very remarkable fact.. after all, the eternity of nothing that would follow the end of the habitability of the universe and the possible eternity before it that it's sandwiched between dwarf that little theoretical blink of time.

even a priori, if you assume the universe is temporally finite (which there is evidence for now) it simply makes no sense why we are here.. it is too big a coincidence.

i could get into fine-tuning and various cosmological models but i better leave it at this for now..

so, have fun yall, the ride isn't ending any time soon!!