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A new dynamic model of rating men based on real results


Jun 14, 2018
Till today men are divided in two groups: Alphas and betas.
Alphas get a lot women, while betas struggle to find a girl friend. 
There are a lot of men in between and outside of this two categories. 
And it is impossible to compare two betas and alphas in the alpha and beta theory.
Here i suppose a new model of rating a man's Sexual Market Value by using the number of fertile women he currently has in his HAREM.
This allows us to find a more accurate dynmaic number based on the reality, instead of biased opinions and preferences. 
Here is the system:

0 fertile women in Harem: INCEL
1 fertile women in Harem: BETA
2 fertile women in Harem: FFM
3 fertile women in Harem: TRIPLE-HAREM
4 fertile women in Harem: QUADRO-HAREM
10 fertile women in Harem: double-digit-HAREM (doctors, ingenieurs, CEOs, soldiers, rebels,...)
100 fertile women in Harem: triple-digit-HAREM (successfull politicians, leader, Presidents..)
1000 fertile women in Harem: quadro-digit-HAREM (rock stars, soccer player, Pornstars,...)
n fertile women in Harem: perfect irresistible MAN