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A BBQ, good face and semi-attractive friends. And above all, feeling secure.

Jul 6, 2015
As the harsh radiance of the sun dithers through that warm, humid air and blasts your skin. You look up to face it and smile, knowing full well that your BONES stop you from the onslaught of that celestial demon.

The day wanes and the skies bleed, a gorgeous sunset with your beautiful friends. You know that you fit in with them, as you are also good looking, and fully know it. You've known nothing else in your life, life IS paradise for you. You just CANNOT comprehend other people being miserable or bitter.

You pull another beer from under your shorts, your 7.5" wrists eclipsing the bottle, you pop it open and give it to the cutest girl you've ever known, who then comes to sit on your lap as you watch the night swallow the sun whole.

There's that freshness of night, the air smells clean and the air is cool. Not cold enough to cause such beauty as yourself to feel discomfort, but just enough to be refreshing.

Millions around you are living these very lives, you may go out 3 times a month socially, but they do this in a week, without pause. Imagine if you do have a child, how many memories can you recall to regale your spawn so that he doesn't hold serious contempt or/and pity for you.

Some people legitimately have more notable life events in a day than I've had in my entire life.


Dec 11, 2015

but on a srs note




to the max.