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9 page thread with 25k views about Orb on the misc


Oct 6, 2015

Picture from post he made about leaving New Zealand for Thailand:


this is exactly what i intend to do

3rd world game is the only way an aspie is gunna get laid, he's autism-pilled for sure

redpill comment:

'Miscers need to comprehend that as long as you're not ugly, if you carry yourself with confidence and have a good social skills you'll get girls. Relying solely on looks will bring you nowhere. Yeah, guy looks good but being autistic, he'll remain FA.

Are people here seriously that stupid?'

another great comment:

Although looks are most important so is not having a mental disability. You cant compare a neurotypical goodlooking guy to a goodlooking apsie/autistic. People can tell there is something off with a person if they're somewhere on the autistic spectrum, especially if the person is attractive and people are expecting them to be some outgoing person when instead they are an awkward aspie. And the sad thing is there is phuck all they can do about it

An attractive man can get away with being shy/quiet if they dont have any mental disorders, but a goodlooking robotic aspie is phucked. Its why the whole "confidence matters" is complete bullchit.

Examples of this are on the look-ism forum, some very goodlooking guys on there but most of them are autistic/aspie, which is what completely phucked them over.

good observation:
He's socially awkward as hell, so going to a place no one will understand English can't hurt.