8+ theory is legit if you want to put in 0 effort and be weird and still slay...

Dec 15, 2015
Most white guys can get hot women at least sometimes with effort, good social/flirting skills and no competition.

8+ theory is legit if you want to not only get approached by hot women, but also be able to talk in tongues, piss yourself, and still go home with her.

Sometimes hot women can approach you but if you can't even look in their eyes and are insecure as fuck with her and weird she will just walk away lmao. Who really cares if she'd stay for Beckham? When a girl approaches a guy or shows blatant interest in him and he still fails to pull her then he should feel ashamed IMO. If a girl does these things to a guy and he fails, then his looks were at or beyond the threshold to be able to fuck her that night, and he wasn't able to capitalize.

Also if you approach a girl and she is remotely receptive it doesn't matter if she's not mega keen creaming herself, you should still be able to pick her up. I don't think many girls make polite conversation at all, if a girl you cold approached is even standing there answering your questions and shit without making excuses to leave or soft rejecting you, then you could potentially fuck her.

I believe...