50 Complexions of Ethnic (preview)


King of Chads
Oct 27, 2015
But was it paranoia or hyperawareness? Again, she heard the faint footsteps behind her, occasionally sounding as if the man following her had trodden in a puddle. This let her know how close he was. Though the rain was heavy, its sound couldn't drown out the footsteps.

As she reached her front porch, Stacey fumbled in her handbag for her keys. Then the stench of Hindu Body Odor engulfed her nostrils. She froze. All of a sudden, a manlet wrestled her to the ground. By now, the HBO was like smelling salts. The man ripped open her coat, lifted up her dress, then began to undo his zipper.

He pulled out a half erect brown 4" cock. She screamed. Her arms and legs flailed. But his lust was too much. He stuck his half erect cock in. It barely reached past her clit. She began to calm down, realizing that this wouldn't be as brutal as she anticipated.