2021- marks the start of the post-blackpill era


King of Chads
Jun 17, 2018
It is proven that homosexuality is becoming more common due to hormones in our food and water. It can‘t be reversed. If during your early childhood years and teen years, you were exposed to those hormones, they will make you a homo, it is brain wiring

Birth control, estrogen and progesterone in water and food, are turning us more and more into trannies and homos

If you were exposed to those during teen years and childhood, there is no going back.

It‘s like being a manlet due to poor diet during puberty. Can not be fixed

However see the bright side of it:

A homosexual male won‘t be incel as men are high T dogs willing to fuck anything

I have seen the ugliest gay subhumans getting laid

A homosexual female is an advantage because they are usually the „cool“ open minded and slightly tomboyish masculine chick (Even the hyper feminine ones have those personalities in my experience), they will be friends with incel males, as they don‘t care about males

Humanity should be turned into 100% homosexuals (srs)

This is the only way we can ascend

All Stacies with 110+ IQ will be forced to donate an egg yearly by the time they are 18 until they are 30, all Chads with minimum 110 IQ and 6 ft 2 height 18-35 will donate sperm on monthly basis, this way humanity won‘t die out

The next generation will be smarter and better looking, and we will be ascended faggots