15 year old just told me he's meeting up with girls to fuck

Jan 21, 2016
this is what 15 years old are doing in 2017,

rented out apartments in the downtown city to meet up with other girls their age to fuck them.

it was a very interesting conversation although i felt like a loser by questioning him he kept an open mind and answered all my questions, here's how it went for the benefit of every virgin here who's clearly missing out on life.

"how did u rent out an apartment in the city on this time of the year?"
- Easy bro, we all chipped in (they all paid a certain amount and split the cost) to rent it out for 2 days

"how old are the girls and what's their ethnicity?"
- They're aussies bro and theyre as old as us 15-16 around there

"are u sure you're going to fuck them?"
- yep, definitely they're thirsty as fuck and we've done this before with other girls on new years

"oh, so you're not a virgin? but arent you only 15?"
- nope not a virgin, lost it at 13

"how? was she from your school and what was her ethnicity?"
- she was aussie i think, and nah it was at a party


thats all i can remember, but to sum up, the kid was a dirty ethnic turk, here in australia fucking all these white girls from the age of 13 while us incels rot.

he was nothing special probably a 6/10, just lol at you faggots saying just be good looking when clearly u need a fucking social circle and to be NT, this is way more important than looks.

if you are at a party surrounded by friends a girl WILL accept to sleep with you even if you are slightly beneath her in looks simply based on the principle of propinquity.

by his own admission he even told me that he wouldve be going if he didnt have friends like other incel losers on here who dont have a social circle

social circle> looks> nt > everything else> kys

enjoy rotting on new years eve while 15 year old non-chad ethnic males are fucking white prime pussy u cucks LOL