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Jun 30, 2015
i dont think its that bad. Imo im a  strong 7 and I get rated higher by girls and other guys IRL but everyone overrates hard in RL. I rarely meet guys my age better looking than me. 

besides one of the strongest 7s maybe even weak 7s in hollywood ryan gosling, slays some of the hottest pussy in it. He has had LTR relationships with mcadams and eva mendes for fks sake and celebrities have a lot of sex that we dont know about with each other. 

He does have a lot of charisma though and I think its underrated here/on the internet, ofc status plays a part but even the best of an entire race ( Halle Berry ) kissed a fking sub 8... he may even be sub 5 to some people. ( adrien brody ) OFC status is a part of it but he is also undeinably charismatic and low inhib, he is not even that famous anymore and its clear to everyone he is not good looking yet females still thrust their vags at him. He also seems cool and sociable AKA low inhib and charismatic. Its a similar feeling you get with Ryan Gosling, watch most of his interviews and u'll get it