confirmed surgeon
May 5, 2019
My subjective opinion based on my objective observations is between my categories 4 and 5.
1. Striking Attractive People
2. Attractive Everyday People
3. Semi-Attractive Everyday People (certain mild to moderate shortcomings)
4. Plain/Unremarkable Appearing Everyday People /or/ Mixed Features People <---
5. Moderately-Unattractive Everyday People
(and actually the average of the adult world population) <---
6. Unattractive Everyday People
7. The Strikingly Ugly

I see...
- an apparent moderately recessed mandible - likely with a compensated bite (clued by your deep mentolabial fold)
- an overly convex nose with a nose dominant profile
- Malar-Infraobrial Hypoplasia (Unremarkable Cheekbones, Mild Negative Orbital Vector, Moderate Scleral Show)
- Upper Eyelid Show due to a weak and rounded superior orbital rim.

I recommend...
- Due to your deep mentolabial fold and recessed mandible, I cannot recommend any amount front-loaded (chin) mandibular augmentation (no chin implant at this point, but would be aesthetically 'allowable' after other corrections) - that needs to be moved forward from the rear by BSSO (Lower jaw Surgery). If bite is orthodontically compensated (proclined lower teeth) then they need to be dentally decompensated before or after jaw surgery.
- Rhinoplasty
- Custom Malar-Infraorbital Implant with vertical and anterior projection.
- Custom Superior orbital rim implant with vertical 'drop down' augmentation.