1. ForeverForwardGrown

    Rage My Oneitis posted this thirst trap. I'm fuckin seething

    How fuckin' dare she. She should know that once my leanmaxx is finished, I will cater to every romantic and sensuous desire her delicate little bosom could every conceive of. Yet she goes and posts this. I can't even imagine all the bbc's and chads invading her DM's at this very moment- O'...
  2. Coomercel

    Rate ASMR whore Amy Kay

  3. auxlea

    Thoughts on JBC(Just Be Curry)Theory?

    A lot of these Deathnik men have peanut skill and Giga-recessed jaw, shitskin, shit eyearea. Most of you will tell all these sub3s to rope if they posted here, yet countless images of curries with 4-6s on the video. They're not even gym-maxxed IRL check?
  4. love=everything

    Straight white men cant understand oppression

    they literally never felt oppression in their life. theres nothing you can say to them that would make them feel sad/bad. the anti white words or phrases dont hold power. Thats why theyre fine with "joking around" with hateful speech. they dont understand it