1. Onyx12

    1 year apart of pics, any differences?

    ^ 2019 vs 2020 ^ september 2019 ^ summer 2020 ^ october 2020 ^ both 2020 been tracking these to see progress on clear skin and to see if there was any other changes
  2. B

    I wanna smash my face with a hammer

    I can't stand the flaws anymore. I thought I would be happy just waiting and then going up in points after jaw surgery but right now I think even that is hopeless. I'm getting feedback that my eye area sucks now and that there's no way to fix it. I didn't have any insecurity about my looks...
  3. B

    Weight loss possibilities and convo with PS

    So I went to a plastic surgeon Over the weekend. She recommended fillers in the zygomatic areas and or a chin and jaw aimed plan. I’m still in the process of setting up a MMA maxillary Mandi ulnar advancement procedure but I was wondering if this is a decent alternative. Also I was wondering...