1. Jason Giovanni

    Rate rate me 2 years ago and now

    2 years ago: now: Did i make it guys??? :oops:
  2. B

    Hooked up now just friends?

    So this one chick that I met on hinge and banged once at her house told me there's no sparks and we should just be friends. I basically told her yeah sure and am gonna just let it go however. Question I've got is why you think she decided this. Sex seemed good and she was vague as in 'no...
  3. B

    I am low body fat and still ugly

    I’m reposting some pics from the last few days. Only one is cherry picked . In the past I’ve been told that I need to be low body fat in order for a true rating yet I just went to the gym today and they ran a test machine that said I have a 6.8% body fat. My face still looks fat my only reason...
  4. natetnom

    How ugly am I?

    I’m 16 People call me ugly sometimes, which made me have APD and Social anxiety. No girls ever pay attention to me at school . Etc etc I’m 6’0 barefoot 180 lbs and pretty athletic anything I could do to fix my complexion???
  5. B

    Looks update

    I’ve been on a diet of 1300 calories a day for about a month now. I went from 182 to 171 lbs probably a lot of water weight but I’ve seen weight loss from my stomach etc. my face still in my opinion looks like shit. My iMac isn’t happening till I get insurance and on top of it I messed up a...
  6. B

    What tf is wrong with me 27 male

    it’s been a couple weeks since I posted last. Took a lot of the advice to heart and still working on getting the double jaw operation going. I just feel like I’m a decent looking ugly guy that could be legit good looking if I made one tweak to my face. I’m being told it’s maxilla but I’m...
  7. H

    Asian women eg Chinese women are ugly, disgusting, overrated creatures

    Everytime I go somewhere (in Europe) for travel, I always see some ugly Asian/ Chinese women in pairs or in swarms, and I am talking about EVERYWHERE, including most cities in Italy, Spain, UK, France etc. Their faces are flat and look like an ugly shapeless blob, their eyes are slitty, swollen...