1. Anstrum

    [Rate] Tell me your results, is this site legit?

    https://www.tiktokbeautiful.com/ Put a random username and your picture and tell me yourself and post pic here Those are my pictures results
  2. brocode

    [Black Pill] Why tf do twinks get so much traction on tiktok?

    I’ve seen absolute slayers with prominent zygos, who are Super Masculine, jacked as fuck and they have like wayyyyy lessss following and traction. They’re almost non-existential when compared to those feminine twinks. Why?
  3. pretty_boy

    LOOOL at how mainstream PSL lingo is

    so there is some TikTok making fun of how soyboys smile link and one of the comments: Better than incels who do 😑 because they want to look like they have "hunter eyes" someone also mentioned the site lookism.com in the comment section