1. Anstrum

    Rate Rate my neck

    :shock: @thickneckedslayer :wow3:
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    Slayer Chad is coming to mog you

  3. Anstrum

    Slayer Biggest mediterranean king chad on this forum

    :bean: Dark triad manipulative thicknecked tall wide framed nordwood0 long term strategist harem collector psychopath high testosterone jailbaitslayer mediterranean dark lookz robust gigachad Little is known about this mysterious chad user, but what we know now is confirming that "he is...
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    Slayer What I imagine thickneckedslayer to look like

    @thickneckedsIayer @thickneckedslayer His comments always are funny and he directs others to path of chaos and slayery :bean: Masculine,dark triad, thicknecked, scheming and dark lookz med chad here is what I pictured him looking like, has to be legit