1. xFury

    Story I got my testosterone results and i dont understand a thing from what it means

    Recently got my testosterone results from having a blood testment (which i did cuz i wanted to know what my testosterone is for a 15 YO boy me), but it got me confused min 7,2ng/ml max 10.9 ng/ml avg 9 i was searchin in the web but everywhere is like 460 or 550, and itsnot like 1-10 ... Have...
  2. brocode

    Black Pill Does being low-inhib boost your T-Levels?

    We all know that High-T levels make us Low-Inhib. Is it still true vice-versa? Would being low-inhib in a way boost your T-Levels? If yes, Please quote some sources, I can't find shit online.
  3. zombie

    Theory Another consequence of having low testosterone: bad posture