1. R

    Looksmax Need help identifying how Kybella can improve my facial fat @Surgeymax

    Hello so after reading @Surgerymax ’s guide Addressing Facial Fat and Defining Fat Pads and Regions: I have decided to get Kybella to address my overly full midface. The medspa I’d be going to is...
  2. surgerycel

    Looksmax Requesting morph for jaw surgery consult

    I have a recessed lower jaw and short face and I'm seeing a surgeon who will probably suggest a BSSO to correct this. Can anyone produce a morph for my side profile and also for the front so I can show the surgeon my expectations? I've attached 2 photos of how I look when biting normally and 2...

    Looksmax How much did kota spend on his surgeries?

  4. J

    Looksmax Does it look better or am I just coping? (Rhinoplasty + Mentoplasty morph)

    I guess you can tell which is the morphed one. Edit: What would you say PSL before/after?
  5. A

    Should I get behind-the-teeth lingual braces or not for jaw surgery?

    Wondering if I should go through the extra hassle of behind-the-teeth braces. I also have the option of having that so-called "invisible" braces thing too. Pic below: Anyway what do you think? Do lingual braces even matter during corona (when everyone's wearing masks)? Also do 23-35 year old...
  6. L

    Custom Jaw Implant instead of double jaw surgery?

    Hi so I hate my side profile and I am wondering instead of going through tan expensive and difficult double jaw surgery if a custom jaw implant would work instead? Thanks
  7. G

    Black Pill Surgeryadvice?

    Have 50k ln bankaccount. Im willing to get surgerys this year. Im 18 and 190cm tall. What should i get?
  8. AgNaCl

    Best lip surgeon

    Which surgeon is the best for lips? I read on a WMagazine article that it's Antoine Paraskevas but there are very few reviews of this dude on the internet and he really hasn't made a name for himself. Should I just let Eppley do it along with implants?