1. B

    Looksmax 27 male max fac turning me down for lefort

    I went to a max fac the other day and he told me I’m not a candidate for Lefort 1. He recommended malar implants or grafts which is the same advice I’ve been getting from multiple plastic surgeons. He also took X-rays and another max fac that I had previously went to changed his mind and said...
  2. M

    Why do Korean men literally pay money to destroy chad traits?

    Seems to poke a lot of holes in many lookism theories (i.e sexual dimorphism being everything). Asians in general seem to despise masculine features in men, and Westerners are becoming the same way (TikTok fag face fever). 2021 has never been a better time to look weak and feminine.

    Looksmax How much did kota spend on his surgeries?

  4. J

    Looksmax Does it look better or am I just coping? (Rhinoplasty + Mentoplasty morph)

    I guess you can tell which is the morphed one. Edit: What would you say PSL before/after?
  5. D

    Looksmax Leg Lengthening Surgery with Precice Stryde - worth it?

    I have a decent face and a decent body, but I'm 5'6". Even by claiming to be 5'7" and wearing lifts, I still get rejected due to my height on dating apps and IRL, and I've always felt like everyone around me is taller. I've also noticed that I get ignored more frequently than others even in...
  6. chintuck22


    1. Implants * 2. Getting hair transplant * 3. Buccal fat removal * 4. MSE (Along with sarpe, marpe and any other shit) * 5. IMDO * 6. Zygomatic sandwich osteotomy * 7. bilateral orbital expansion * 8. Fillers 9. Orbital decompression 10. Canthoplasty 11...
  7. D

    Please rate and provide looksmaxxing/surgery suggestions (26, 5'6", 73kg)

    As the title says. I'm open to any suggestion. I think that eye area or jawline/chin surgery might be worthwhile -- what's your opinion? Also considering leg lengthening surgery and LASIK, but I've read quite a lot of horror stories for both.
  8. B

    Looksmax Is the Irex laser in Argentina legit?

    Anyone KNOWS if it is legit or a scam? Please don’t go off topic! Only answer if you think you can help with this evaluation! Here is their website and instagram
  9. A

    Should I get behind-the-teeth lingual braces or not for jaw surgery?

    Wondering if I should go through the extra hassle of behind-the-teeth braces. I also have the option of having that so-called "invisible" braces thing too. Pic below: Anyway what do you think? Do lingual braces even matter during corona (when everyone's wearing masks)? Also do 23-35 year old...
  10. L

    Custom Jaw Implant instead of double jaw surgery?

    Hi so I hate my side profile and I am wondering instead of going through tan expensive and difficult double jaw surgery if a custom jaw implant would work instead? Thanks
  11. AgNaCl

    Best lip surgeon

    Which surgeon is the best for lips? I read on a WMagazine article that it's Antoine Paraskevas but there are very few reviews of this dude on the internet and he really hasn't made a name for himself. Should I just let Eppley do it along with implants?
  12. D

    Does decrease in maxillary height translate to decrease in soft tissue?

    I have ideal tooth show, no gummy smile. Lets say that i get CCW rotation with 2mm impaction (just a random example, idk if thats what i need), would i need to shorten my philtrum 2mm as well to keep the same amount of tooth show that i had before the surgery? I guess it also depends on how...