1. Anstrum

    Rage Giga suifuel, Just take a shower theory debunked

    we were all lied about taking a shower, :redstomper: :redstomper: :redstomper: :redstomper: :redstomper: whats next? getting an haircut? chad gets away with everything :jrage: clip found from blacktails youtube
  2. Anstrum

    Black Pill Sideprofile. I am gigasubhuman. recessed chin bug eyes ethnic nose norwood

    It never began, I look like a recessed meme, jfl whoever said that I am goodlooking Everytime I look at my self I feel like I get sledgehammered to the face
  3. M

    pinterest is suifuel

    1. my entire feed is full of insane young chads and pretty boys, mogging me through the computer ( happens daily ) 2. cute girls with actual sense of fashion, unlike the blue jeans girls 3. i bet its girl taking their photos too, not themselves, right? damn imagine that. u cant even. cuz ur ugly af.