1. machinelves

    is it over for me?

    im a girl 16, 5'8 on a good day 30-22-35 indian + british by blood third world national meh face, been compared to sara sampaio and asked if i model irl quite a bit. weird child face and transgender esque bones rather tanned and swarthy will send pic on snap or insta been rated 3/10...
  2. Anstrum

    Black Pill I have finally fully accepted that I am utter subhuman

    My beardline is meme tier one eye bigger than the other framecel mega simp Purple skin under eyes Freckles ethnic alien looks etc etc... The dissappointment is truly captured here How can I cope
  3. JuicyAnimeTitties

    Black Pill I nearly pass out whenever I get a haircut

    It's insane trauma to be forced to watch as my subhuman hairline is exposed before my eyes. After I get up off the chair my skin is deathly pale and I nearly pass out from being forced to look at my hairline in the mirror. Getting pushed over onto the street isn't nearly as bad as having my...
  4. Anstrum

    LOL reminder Mouammar Kadhafi is a subhuman coward afraid to show his face

    @Mouammar Kadhafi is a copycat of undisputed and thinks he is above everyone else while hiding himself in the sewers Pathetic. Show your unfrauded face picture, it is only fair after what turbo tryhard text you wrote about me
  5. G

    Black Pill Rate especially eye area

    Do you think my ipd is that bad? Should i invest in green contacts?
  6. Anstrum

    Black Pill What is going on my eyes, am I black holemaxxing?

    I have dark spots near my eyes and look like a raccoon are those physical black pills stored there? What are they caused by ? by my subhumanity, perhaps.
  7. Sculptor


    I deleted all social media. I deleted all phone pics, videos etc I'm done. These past 3 years I've coped to unprecedented heights. Now i have nothing to remind me of it. It's all a distant memory. My old self perished. my life begins today The end