subhuman ghoul

  1. Anstrum

    Blue Pill Subhuman ghoul at the gym coping

    I don't know what to call this pullup, my shoulder still has not healed so I don't do the widegrip stuff with weights anymore :oops: the weights should be atleast 25+ kg :green: This is the exercise I think that may train my traps cus of the weights, don't think there are other stuff that...
  2. Anstrum

    Theory What bodyfat % am I 🤨 ?

    183 cm 67kg :rambo: Tagging fellow dark lookz balkan med chads :eek: :green: :uzi: @thickneckedslayer @uglysmile @Bvnny @highastrocancer over @Welshcel @forevergymcelling @misterstabone @superbad @Bull :rambo: