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    Black Pill VICE: Why do AFRICAN men have the right to put their COCKS inside JEWISH men?

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    Do the future of ISRAEL economy depend on BIG BLACK COCKS?

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    Theory Why do JEWS use BBC scrotum instead of pillow?

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    Black Pill Why do JEWS confuse MAYONNAISE with WEST AFRICAN SEMEN?

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    Black Pill it's BLACK and comes from AFRICA and JEWS love it.

    Why JEWS give LITERALLY their lives for it? (5 pts) a) JEWS have anatomically suitable anus for BBCs b) JEWS maximum source of dopamine is having contact with NEGROS c) All JEWISH men are gays from birth d) All JEWISH men secretly want to get Nobel Prize with an amazing BBC breakthrough e)...
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    Black Pill Why are JEWS so avid to eat BIG BLACK COCK FALAFELS?