1. ezio6

    LOL men are 12-17x more horny than women

    women peak sex-thirsty are 9-14 days on her menstrual monthly cycles, this is why its so hard to not be a simp if you arent even aware of the redpill and blackpill, even with those awareness men are still blinded by their horniness. men will see more clearly when their levels of thirsty for sex...

    Black Pill It's over

    i try to cope with appearance by acting extremely autistic to vent out frustration all my relationships are with other people over internet that i always end up disappointing still put down for the way i look and treated as less than human even when romantic feelings are not involved need...


  4. Josh

    Black Pill GTFINH psa, we be annunaki today

    today be da day we becomeing da annunaki
  5. S

    Black Pill It's over for currycels in India!

    Most people think that western countries have the most incels as percent of their population , but India will overtake the west . For these following reasons . 1 ) The end to the practice of arranged marriages in urban India . Arranged marriages are viewed as archaic by many middle class urban...
  6. Josh

    is it over for me?

    im a girl 16, 5'8 on a good day 30-22-35 indian + british by blood third world national meh face, been compared to sara sampaio and asked if i model irl quite a bit. weird child face and transgender esque bones rather tanned and swarthy will send pic on snap or insta been rated 3/10...
  7. pretty_boy

    Black Pill this is what you could of had if you were NT
  8. pretty_boy

    what was the best thread of april 2020

    I cant find it
  9. Shameless


    It's private poll so no reason to lie. I even let you change your answer if you get laid tomorrow or lie and want to come clean to improve my stats. Thanks.
  10. pretty_boy

    Red Pill Ranked list of lookism mods in terms of post-quality [2020 edition]

    Bear in mind all mods are decent posters and good at moderating, but on LOOKISM.NET After Hours we like to have fun. Starting from the bottom (lowest post quality), we have: TheLiechtensteiner: doesn't post much, just gives blue pilled advice. probably the one who pins all the bad threads...
  11. pretty_boy

    a tip one of the best lawyers in my city gave me

    when in doubt whip it out