1. DHT made me Muslim

    Just fucking ascended 0.1 points in one minute (not a one time only type of thing)

    So here I am you know in my head back to playing a white person and i got thinking back to the vitamin c (l-ascorbic acid you know the shit thst bsically fucks yojr skin but in some way that not only increases collagen and cellular overturn but actually makes it heakthier and younger kind kf...
  2. God of Teens

    GTFIH I just figured out how to get Jewish Neurotransmitters

    What do Drake and all those who succeed in Canada have in common? They have the magical jewish neurotransmitters See, all Jewish men have this thing in common Their brains have pure unadultered concentration. Be it Meeks for taking over the PSL Game You gotta admit Drake took over Canada...
  3. DHT made me Muslim

    Ethnic Rihanna

    Not homosexual for you and your heterosexual brother to be getting your cocks vacuumed 1200 him in the driver seat turned out while ur leaning back in the passenger seat also turned sideways lengthwise to the main glove compartment As long as the married women doing it out the sides of their...
  4. God of Teens

    Rihanna's cousin went to my highschool

    What insane lengths should I go to to ensure my DNA reaches its ultimate counterpart? I'm 3/4 irish btw and Rihanna if you didn't know is half irish half Queen so basically it would make another Rihanna possibly a Gigarihanna I mog her btw