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    Black Pill How "pick up artists" actually get laid -- simple explanation for how the "conversion" works/red pill/PUA/etc.

    Remember when you were a kid, or hearing stories about how kids don't want to/like to eat their vegetables? Remember also how their parents or your parents bargained with you to eat them or else you won't get dessert? That's basically the whole summary on how PUA get pussy despite almost never...
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    News The OofyDoofyPill / SchlubyHubbyPill: Oofy Doofy guys are slaying while Chad are coping. PRETTY GIRLS DON'T LIKE MASCULINE CHADS!

    I've noticed a pattern with these "GigaChads" when I check out their Instagram and that pattern is their small amount of followers. I mean do you guys really look at couples outside? It's usually average looking guys with girls and the real slayers are androgynous prettyboys, but this thread...