1. J

    36 year old Senilecel...Set the countdown to ropetimer please

    Legit diagnosed severe autism (Asperger's Syndrome)...Love this phone though...cheap and yet going strong for 7 years..like a rundown Toyota pickup truck owned by the Taliban 184cm in night..fat at 93-94 kilos in this pic...lost 3 kilos since then..this pic 3 weeks back...target weight 82...
  2. damienthechad

    Rate what psl

    is this
  3. M

    Rate me I’m 13 looking 1-10

    Rate me I am 13 year old be honest opinions and what to fix rate me 1-10
  4. 2psl Bald Subhuman

    Rate Rate me

    22 yo norwood 6 I would assume 3-4/10 or 2-3psl is that accurate? Also what are my falios facially other than obvious Balding and bloat? One last thing I hear this forum has women tag them please for a rating
  5. Stoicismpill

    23 y/o male. Am I above average? If so, how much?

    Height 6'2" / 187 cm Weight 181 lbs / 82 kg How bad is my crooked nose? I think I should undergo rhinoseptoplasty (not just for looks, my septum is deviated, so for sinus health too). How strongly it will improve my appearance? What are my main disadvantages?
  6. A

    Asian 19 yr old Rate me Plz

  7. A

    Asian 19 yr old Rate me plz

    Curious to know what u experts gotta say.
  8. D

    Please rate and provide looksmaxxing/surgery suggestions (26, 5'6", 73kg)

    As the title says. I'm open to any suggestion. I think that eye area or jawline/chin surgery might be worthwhile -- what's your opinion? Also considering leg lengthening surgery and LASIK, but I've read quite a lot of horror stories for both.
  9. livrose


    anyone else feel like this sometimes xD -_-
  10. livrose

    rate young hot johnny depp

  11. livrose

    best hair color

    what is the most pretty hair color in your opinion for men and women
  12. livrose

    Looksmax what country do you think has the most beautiful people

  13. livrose

    Rate rate me plz :)

    how can i improve myself you guys?
  14. livrose

    LOL hi

    hey guys XDXDXD
  15. livrose

    News question

    any emos here Xd
  16. G

    Black Pill Surgeryadvice?

    Have 50k ln bankaccount. Im willing to get surgerys this year. Im 18 and 190cm tall. What should i get?
  17. G

    Looksmax What surgerys do i need to be human?

    Currently im leanmaxxing, mewing and chewing like a sickcunt. Recently i groomed my thick eyebrows, what do you think? I cream my trashtier lips every night to get them more fluffy.
  18. L

    Rate me 6’3 Moroccan 78KGs

  19. Meriposa

    Rate her she has "Bug eyes"

    A lot of you say bug eyes are a very ugly feature to have. but that's one of the reason why this woman is rated one of the most beautiful in the world. So whats your opinion?