1. G

    What surgery besides liplift?

    I get liplift and widening for sure, but what should i get next?
  2. G

    [Rate] Rate my disgusting lips

    Will get surgery soon, first i need to find the best surgeon in my town. My palate is actually wide, but my lips arent somehow
  3. G

    [Rate] Still waiting to be rated

  4. Meriposa

    Rate her she has "Bug eyes"

    A lot of you say bug eyes are a very ugly feature to have. but that's one of the reason why this woman is rated one of the most beautiful in the world. So whats your opinion?
  5. O

    [Rate] Rate me and please tell me how to improve my face, hair

    I'm an 18 year old female and I have been told that the "round baby face" goes away but I still have it. I want to know how to look better. Maybe some skin care products or excersize methods? Also I don't use makeup as you can see. Rate me and please give tips if you have any. I would really...