1. prettyboy_bieber

    The greatest slayer of our time. The term slayer was literally made for Justin Bieber. PICS

    This little walk right here and gaze is what it means to be a slayer. This picture is the embodiment of slayer. The black shirt (150$) the black hat, matching perfectly. The perfect shoulder posture. The undefeated face. Every feature in harmony, every aesthetic perfect. This is a slayer...
  2. prettyboy_bieber

    If you reach slayer status through surgery, is it REAL? It's not natural so is the validation REAL?

    If you get surgeries and are fortunate enough to reach a point where you're a slayer, is it fulfilling? Wouldn't you always know in the back of your mind that you were an incel, or ugly before? That the real you is hideous? And everything is mainly a sham? Essentially, none of what you look...
  3. prettyboy_bieber

    The difference a beard makes!! Im hideous with a beard, I am shockingly hideous without one. PICS.

    ------ ------ PICTURE ON TOP IS WITH BEARD. ON BOTTOM WITHOUT BEARD (dont know why i felt the need to point this out? duh?) I am ugly with a beard, I am hideous without a beard. That is the difference. Brutal. all weakness is shown when the beard is erased. all weakness and...
  4. prettyboy_bieber

    Can I have this side profile? I want to look like Justin Bieber. PICS INCLUDED.

    Over here the way his lower jaw and chin cascades forward into his face is beautiful. It has such a nice shape. Over here the vertical length his chin has seems perfect, but theres also no maxillary excess. The ramus follows nicely and the nose looks great in relation. Over here, these images...
  5. prettyboy_bieber

    Can I achieve this side profile? I want to look like Justin Bieber. PICS INCLUDED.

    Over here the way his lower jaw and chin cascades forward into his face is beautiful. It has such a nice shape. Over here the vertical length his chin has seems perfect, but theres also no maxillary excess. The ramus follows nicely and the nose looks great in relation. Over here, these images...
  6. N

    Rate Morph of @soundandvision

    Original : Morph :
  7. N

    Rate Morph of @TheArtOfCope

    Original : Morph :
  8. U

    Rate ER admixture 6’4 - living in nightmare diff. area

    Autistically analyse my bones (or lack of) n lemme know what u think of my clapped ass haircut. how are my chances G?
  9. J

    36 year old Senilecel...Set the countdown to ropetimer please

    Legit diagnosed severe autism (Asperger's Syndrome)...Love this phone though...cheap and yet going strong for 7 years..like a rundown Toyota pickup truck owned by the Taliban 184cm in night..fat at 93-94 kilos in this pic...lost 3 kilos since then..this pic 3 weeks back...target weight 82...
  10. N

    Rate Morph of fellow banned user @SantiAbaschad

    @SantiAbaschad Original : Morph :
  11. N

    Rate Morph of fellow Lookism member @Ikoijhgtdd

    @Ikoijhgtdd Original : Morph :
  12. O

    Rate Me

    Rate this pic of me from 2 years ago... I get nothing (no really, nothing) on OLD apps either. OVER in 2021
  13. B

    Rate OVER: Rate me (15 y/o)

    (It’s a video) If possible tell me which surgery procedures to research or other methods. Also I’m 5’10, I’m not thaaat bad in that sense. My pheno is shit but I do have hope I believe. I’m 15 (almost 16) if that matters. Also tell me my worst and best traits. Thanks. Surgerymaxxing is reaaally...
  14. ethnicmogger88

    Rate you mirin brah?

  15. natetnom

    How ugly am I?

    I’m 16 People call me ugly sometimes, which made me have APD and Social anxiety. No girls ever pay attention to me at school . Etc etc I’m 6’0 barefoot 180 lbs and pretty athletic anything I could do to fix my complexion???
  16. JustbeLucky

    Rate LOOKISM GAME GTFIH - Pick out of the selection and rate the difficulty

    The way this works is you choose one from each category and then choose the difficulty it would be realistically + results. E.g. 6'2 Skinny Framecel White guy in East Asia = Very easy but low-quality girls. As a bonus try to choose the lowest/worst options and see how you get the best results...
  17. S

    Oldcel eye area (early 20s)

    6’2”. Early 20s with the eye area of an oldcel my entire teenage life - they’ve just grown progressively darker and heavier set, as skin thins and sun damage and ageing stacks up. Relaxed I have quite beta eyes, huge with scleral show, squint frauding I often end up with double tiered bags where...
  18. JackHanma

    Avoided this place for a long time, plan to glance at abyss rather than stare.

    Some of the face pics are a bit old but the shape hasn't changed much. I'm 5'9" but wear lifts to 5'10" (my wingspan is 6'1"), and Calto boots with an insert added that boost me up 3 inches for special occasions (this is the actual lift, not the advertised lift, a 4.5 inch lift at the heel only...
  19. Bvnny

    Rate me M 19

    I would like to know how am I rated, be honest (and pls, give me advice on how to improve my face to make it more masculine)
  20. Psychoman

    Rate Rate my 4 year ago

    Race : Middle-east - Iran - Persian height : 174cm but i guess it's 5'7" weight : 60kg photo from 4 years ago:
  21. Noopetorope

    rate me in this photo

  22. xFury

    Rate I'm gona regret this ... But I think I'm worthy of OP

    I'm 14, 180cm, born as Aries, and I was in *******, 1,5 days online. They've had there ratings and looks guides, so meanwhile I found this forum I'm cursed with cam distortion My coloring is above average, eye position and proportions are top tire, facial symmetry is top tire too. Fwhr...
  23. E

    24yo during looxmaxing

    Hi Guys, what do you think about me? I'm about 24 years old, "slavcel" genes here, so I looksmaxx a lot :D Had some hair problem ( well, in Poland we are born with fucking norwood 2) but cought it early with fin. Don't expect becoming a chad, some genetics barriers are impossible to break thru...
  24. S

    Rate (18M) what are all of my falios, and what surgeries should I get first?

    so far I know Nose eyes length of face/ratios lips chin/recessed mandible forehead balding undereye camera doesnt show but my freckles are bad and not good ones they are ugly ones all over :jordan: when ppl see my face lmao
  25. looksmaxx

    Rate this guy

  26. Stoicismpill

    23 y/o male. Am I above average? If so, how much?

    Height 6'2" / 187 cm Weight 181 lbs / 82 kg How bad is my crooked nose? I think I should undergo rhinoseptoplasty (not just for looks, my septum is deviated, so for sinus health too). How strongly it will improve my appearance? What are my main disadvantages?
  27. J

    Rate am i recessed ? rate my side profile 21 M

    just wanted to check if my jaw and chin are recessed or not
  28. J

    Rate Me please 21 blonde Male

    im new here just wanted to know how much you will rate me out of 10 i have uploaded a video and a photo
  29. R

    How many points was it before and how much do you think it is now?

    I estimate at 4 PSL, now about 4.5-5
  30. zitH

    Rate rate me, 19y old

    i was fucking ugly when young, at 16 i looked like a fucking disgusting incel (prob 4/10) today im 19 and after ALOT of looksmaxing (mewing, minox, collagen pills, grooming, gym, nosejob (rhinoplasty, i got for free LOL), etc i basically fuck any girl whenever i want (im not kidding lol) 2...
  31. IlllIlI

    Slayer Rate young tyson fury

    before norwood reaper and mental illness struck. six foot nine heavyweight future world champion with bad boy appeal.
  32. A

    Rate RATE this Vietnamese man in the front.

    What is his PSL rating?
  33. A

    Asian 19 yr old Rate me Plz

  34. A

    Asian 19 yr old Rate me plz

    Curious to know what u experts gotta say.
  35. D

    Please rate and provide looksmaxxing/surgery suggestions (26, 5'6", 73kg)

    As the title says. I'm open to any suggestion. I think that eye area or jawline/chin surgery might be worthwhile -- what's your opinion? Also considering leg lengthening surgery and LASIK, but I've read quite a lot of horror stories for both.
  36. K

    Better looking Opry lookalike (Rate)

    Name: Mario Zabal Life is unfair.
  37. livrose

    rate young hot johnny depp

  38. livrose

    Black Pill got told to post this so there u go XD

  39. livrose

    Rate rate me plz :)

    how can i improve myself you guys?
  40. livrose

    LOL hi

    hey guys XDXDXD
  41. livrose

    News question

    any emos here Xd
  42. Seppukucel

    Rate Rate my oneitis

  43. Seppukucel

    Rate Rate Indian gay alien chad

  44. G

    Black Pill Rate especially eye area

    Do you think my ipd is that bad? Should i invest in green contacts?
  45. F

    Hi, please rate me...

    Hi guys, I'm new here and I'd like to get some rate from you. My camera is pretty bad and focal point isn't the best either but whatever. Thanks for the responses. Would appreciate some advices what I should looksmaxx.
  46. F

    Well, rate

    Hi. My camera is pretty bad. Focal point is shitty but whatever. Thanks for rates though... Be harsh. I dont care. Would appreciate if you said whta i can looksmaxx...
  47. G

    What surgery besides liplift?

    I get liplift and widening for sure, but what should i get next?
  48. G

    Rate Rate my disgusting lips

    Will get surgery soon, first i need to find the best surgeon in my town. My palate is actually wide, but my lips arent somehow
  49. G

    Rate Still waiting to be rated

  50. Meriposa

    Rate her she has "Bug eyes"

    A lot of you say bug eyes are a very ugly feature to have. but that's one of the reason why this woman is rated one of the most beautiful in the world. So whats your opinion?
  51. O

    Rate Rate me and please tell me how to improve my face, hair

    I'm an 18 year old female and I have been told that the "round baby face" goes away but I still have it. I want to know how to look better. Maybe some skin care products or excersize methods? Also I don't use makeup as you can see. Rate me and please give tips if you have any. I would really...