rate me

  1. Nochills

    How is my side profile???

    Guys how fucked is my Side profile? I know that in PSL standards it’s dog shit because of the weird ass head shape and high hairline but is it decent IRL?
  2. auxlea

    Black Pill Rate mogger Eyebrows: (6'1 160)

  3. B

    Rate My Mugshot

    30yo 5'9 165 15% BF Planning on soul maxxing with melanotan and hoping on gear Halos and Failos?
  4. Databdara

    I might be the prettiest person on this forum ^_^

    People tell me that me eyes are me prettiest feature. But I think that's more to do with their colour.
  5. Psychoman

    Rate Rate my 4 year ago

    Race : Middle-east - Iran - Persian height : 174cm but i guess it's 5'7" weight : 60kg photo from 4 years ago:
  6. 2psl Bald Subhuman

    Rate Rate me

    22 yo norwood 6 I would assume 3-4/10 or 2-3psl is that accurate? Also what are my falios facially other than obvious Balding and bloat? One last thing I hear this forum has women tag them please for a rating https://add.pics/image/Kh1sb
  7. xFury

    Rate I'm gona regret this ... But I think I'm worthy of OP

    I'm 14, 180cm, born as Aries, and I was in *******, 1,5 days online. They've had there ratings and looks guides, so meanwhile I found this forum I'm cursed with cam distortion My coloring is above average, eye position and proportions are top tire, facial symmetry is top tire too. Fwhr...
  8. E

    24yo during looxmaxing

    Hi Guys, what do you think about me? I'm about 24 years old, "slavcel" genes here, so I looksmaxx a lot :D Had some hair problem ( well, in Poland we are born with fucking norwood 2) but cought it early with fin. Don't expect becoming a chad, some genetics barriers are impossible to break thru...
  9. S

    Rate (18M) what are all of my falios, and what surgeries should I get first?

    so far I know Nose eyes length of face/ratios lips chin/recessed mandible forehead balding undereye camera doesnt show but my freckles are bad and not good ones they are ugly ones all over :jordan: when ppl see my face lmao
  10. Stoicismpill

    23 y/o male. Am I above average? If so, how much?

    Height 6'2" / 187 cm Weight 181 lbs / 82 kg How bad is my crooked nose? I think I should undergo rhinoseptoplasty (not just for looks, my septum is deviated, so for sinus health too). How strongly it will improve my appearance? What are my main disadvantages?
  11. J

    Rate am i recessed ? rate my side profile 21 M

    just wanted to check if my jaw and chin are recessed or not
  12. J

    Rate Me please 21 blonde Male

    im new here just wanted to know how much you will rate me out of 10 i have uploaded a video and a photo
  13. Noopetorope

    Rate ne with Good Lightning

  14. gaytard

    Rate me 18. 5’10 afternoon height

    I put my hair back so my haircut won’t influence the rating. Recommend hairstyle to get me a gf if you’re knowledgeable on it. Video attached for in motion and then a normie picture.
  15. zitH

    Rate rate me, 19y old

    i was fucking ugly when young, at 16 i looked like a fucking disgusting incel (prob 4/10) today im 19 and after ALOT of looksmaxing (mewing, minox, collagen pills, grooming, gym, nosejob (rhinoplasty, i got for free LOL), etc i basically fuck any girl whenever i want (im not kidding lol) 2...
  16. A

    Asian 19 yr old Rate me Plz

  17. A

    Asian 19 yr old Rate me plz

    Curious to know what u experts gotta say.
  18. livrose

    Black Pill got told to post this so there u go XD

  19. MaccoLeMio

    Rate 21 Year old IT-Virgin.

    Hello, I would like to get honest ratings to where I stand, even if it is harsh I prefer the truth. Advice is also very welcome. I am 20 (21 in less than a month) years old, 1.83m (6 ft) tall, weigh 77kg (169lbs), had girlfriends but never for that long and am still a virgin.
  20. K

    Rate me in my blurry low effort selfies (honesty and advice)

    Thank you for your time.
  21. whereisthef

    Rate this dude, he is 6'3''

  22. G

    Rate Rate Side and face

    Rate it. I know i have no Ramus which screws me. My biggest failos are lips and midface, do you agree? Ignore the weird duckface on the last one. Suggest surgerys and other looksmaxxes! I dint react to trolls