1. N

    Rate morph : D

    Morph ( edited fully on an Mobile device). : D opinions from you will help me next time. Original : Morph :
  2. 2psl Bald Subhuman

    Rate Rate me

    22 yo norwood 6 I would assume 3-4/10 or 2-3psl is that accurate? Also what are my falios facially other than obvious Balding and bloat? One last thing I hear this forum has women tag them please for a rating https://add.pics/image/Kh1sb
  3. auxlea

    What makes The Garden Band's Twins hot?

    The Garden is an American experimental rock band from Orange County, California, formed in 2011 by identical twin brothers Wyatt and Fletcher Shears. If you check any of their Youtube videos, their comment section has thousands of people mirin their face. What is carrying their features...
  4. C

    Rate 20M , 6,1 Rate my curry suggest some spices to ascend its flavour

    6'1 curry please rate me without biasness and I really wanna ascend My looks . So please suggest me either stylemaxxing , bodymaxx etc
  5. Stoicismpill

    23 y/o male. Am I above average? If so, how much?

    Height 6'2" / 187 cm Weight 181 lbs / 82 kg How bad is my crooked nose? I think I should undergo rhinoseptoplasty (not just for looks, my septum is deviated, so for sinus health too). How strongly it will improve my appearance? What are my main disadvantages?
  6. lucaskbs

    Rate Rate my best friend (DAMN)