1. I

    i don't like sonoftyrone

    wmaf spammer trying to promote wmaf with a pron pic as if wmaf doesn't already get promoted
  2. AsianAlphaBro

    Asian CHAD debunks misogynist lookism theories. LMAO at incels who'll never touch this

    It's officially over for the white Incel. Not even Trump can save you. Good luck with your roid cycle in your moms' basements LMAO. The century of the Asian Alpha Male is officially here. You can only dream of touching this.
  3. DOggo

    British drill music thread

  4. Legit Theory

    News It's absolutely horrible what's happening in the United States right now(Letter)

    I do not post here anymore but I feel I need to make a statement given the influence and position I have on this site So to anyone who doesn't know in the United States, black men killed by the police and them getting away with murder has been happening for a long time. Them not getting...
  5. love=everything

    Swedish boy's answer to blacks in america is to send them to gas chambers

    Even though 95% of them work and contribute to society. even though they a crucial part of the economy. Black crime is going down, its getting better... but no, because theyre low iq, they deserve to die, etc (pls dont say they dont pay taxes, thats how taxes work, the underpayed wage slaves...