pretty boy

  1. Keengo

    Black Pill If you don't FUCK HER RAW you're possibly WORSE OFF than being incel -- let me tell you why/explain

    Sex is about impregnation -- always has been and always will be. The woman picks the man to fuck based on his looks and masculinity -- that's it. Once this is done it's only a process between getting to the actual sex upon meeting her, but already she knows who is going to be the "sire choice"...
  2. D

    Rate what psl

    is this
  3. pretty_boy

    Black Pill It finally happened... just became a cuck

    I’m laying in bed. My heart is racing. My wife went out on a date tonight with a guy 15 years younger than her. They got a hotel room. I texted her to ask how it was going. She didn’t answer for about an hour. Finally she responded saying everything was great. I asked her if she was being a good...