1. Nochills

    Shitpost virgin or virgin?

    ffs title supposed to say "Virgin or virgin't?"
  2. I

    What matters more? Hair or Body?

  3. brocode

    Black Pill Does your oneitis Fog Prime Adriana Lima? [Forum Poll]

    Does your oneitis Fog Lima?
  4. Utter_Reject

    do you believe in free will?

    as in, if you were to go back in time to a decision you made, exact same situation nothing changed, you could have done/choosen otherwise.
  5. Worth_Less

    Ethnic Ethniks of Lookism, how many of you live in a western country ?

    And no, I'm not including Slavs. Just have a hard time believing anyone with a flag in this geographic region, is actually legit. And is more than likely some weridfuck using a vpn. Even the so-called curry posters are probably rotting it up in Australia,UK, Germany, or Burgerland.
  6. brocode

    Black Pill Who is more likely to cheat on you with Chad: 9/10 Stacy or 5/10 Becky?

    Lets imagine by some miracle you get a gf. Which type of gf will cheat FASTER? My Opinion (vote before you click to have an unbiased poll):
  7. goron black

    How old are your parents ?

  8. Limbo

    Aspie Are you big into conspiracies?

    yes or no
  9. Limbo

    What is your favorite lookism gif

    For me its LDAR :ldar: