1. B

    Rate OVER: Rate me (15 y/o)

    (It’s a video) If possible tell me which surgery procedures to research or other methods. Also I’m 5’10, I’m not thaaat bad in that sense. My pheno is shit but I do have hope I believe. I’m 15 (almost 16) if that matters. Also tell me my worst and best traits. Thanks. Surgerymaxxing is reaaally...
  2. B

    Rate Am I too ugly for looksmaxxing?

    I’m 15, ashkenazi Jewish + Italian pheno and 5’11 btw if that matters. Over for me.
  3. stear2700

    Black Pill This curry mogs me to the outer space

    :incelrage: :cautious::mad2::uzi:
  4. B

    Done and over can’t do it

    Here’s a selfie took just now. It’s shitty and I’m at low bf rn. Plus is just read this article literally sounds like same ideas that are posted here but from a different source...
  5. thecel

    News It’s Over For Blackpill YouTubers

  6. Kyff

    Blue Pill Serious: how do you cope with health issues?

    I have been dealing with a health issue for over 8 months now. Already spent over 8k on doctors and treatment and nothing seems to work. My issue gives me pain everyday and painkillers help minimally. Anyone here had to deal with like chronic health shit. My only copium is the hope it will pass...
  7. auxlea

    ‘Incel’ busted for bomb threat, shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ at NYC restaurant 4/15/2021

    https://nypost.com/2021/04/14/incel-malik-sanchez-busted-for-bomb-threat-at-nyc-restaurant/ . Harmless sanchez just preaching blackpill gets mogged by FBI Agent
  8. estetico

    Rate Tooked my beard off to get a moustache, realized why i let it grow...

    About my hair: i'm letting it grow, that's why it is that messed up.
  9. brocode


  10. DemonLooks

    Rage Daily reminder that true love doesnt exist.

    Incel, You're better off just becoming gay at this point. You have learned the true nature of the female gender. :but1: Your entire life You've been fed lies. Truth be told its OVER. GET IT THROUGH YOUR 22 INCH MASSIVE SKULL! Even if You are indeed a chad, You done goofed bud .... You've...