1. Kyff

    Rate This Chloe Moretz lookalike TIKTOK boy has 10x your slaycount at 16.

    Just COPE with roidmaxxing and mascmaxxing, women would take his tiktok boy who looks like chloe moretz over you any day. We cringe at this tiktok video while girls jb pussy is streaming like the niagra falls. Brutal agepill too look how much Chloe has aged like hell, way past her prime...
  2. her

    Rate rate me, asian chang (oldcel but neotenous mogger)

    i know some of you may have bad experiences with me in the past, but i was just doing my job (mogging you) :devilish: so i don't want any biased cope ratings :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: girls regularly tell me i'm a 7 :inlove: related stats: height 5'6, penis 4x4, hands are small and...
  3. Nothereforlong

    Slayer This site has been fixed?

    Got my account back, any slayers and chadcels still post? Is there a porn forum? I wanna coom