1. P

    Does a Lefort 1/Maxillary advancement DJS make your midface look smaller as well?

    Does the advancement of the maxilla in a Lefort 1 and a rhinoplasty make the midface appear smaller? And more pushed upwards? Instead of flat and long? Maybe the lower jaw advancing as the upper advances also helps give off the illusion of a smaller midface? The nose coming forward as well?
  2. Deluded Normie

    Why is there no procedure to reduce the nasal bridge length?

    I know that if you have an overprojected and downturned nose tip you can deproject and rotate it to make your nose look shorter from the front. But what about the nasal bridge? As far as i know, there is no procedure to reduce it, but what's the reason for it? You want to shorten the nasal...