1. auxlea

    High tier Normie Vs O Pry, mogged? *(IRL only)*

    That's the distortion we witness online where it appears face is everything but a 6 face could mog an 8 with the right amount of height and bones mass. Neither being GymMaxxd. Must factor height Pry would obviously slay online but on a 1:1 standing next to each other. Normie with height...
  2. B

    28 male

    So I’ve been running a tinder test with these pics. Results are amazingly better, obviously. What I want to ask if what I’d have to do to achieve this irl. I don’t know if it’s even possible but I want to have a list of things to do. The first two pics are before and after the rest have my...
  3. Anstrum

    Rate Forum rotter badboy mutant mutt with blondish hair and ginger beard

    :shock: legit mutant tier and I can't grow a proper beard to save my life, I got scammed :suicide:
  4. B


    I usually post about nomad advice and stuff but today i wanna know your thoughts on a confusing situation. I by all means am average or below looking and yet I’ve been treated like at least a basically good looking guy. So I wanted some thoughts on how this is possible not bragging just...
  5. RealHumanBeing

    Black Pill you can never be racist and hope to win with normies

    every country and race hates racist. in west u will get socially outcast and job taken. and u r forced to live with ethnics. even far right wing is bad for young person here i cant be racist in africa neither, moroocans hate u for being racist , allah burns racist. some made post say racism...
  6. B

    What tf is wrong with me 27 male

    it’s been a couple weeks since I posted last. Took a lot of the advice to heart and still working on getting the double jaw operation going. I just feel like I’m a decent looking ugly guy that could be legit good looking if I made one tweak to my face. I’m being told it’s maxilla but I’m...
  7. brocode

    Aspie How do you find “good threads” on 4chan

    I’m not an active user of 4chan, never have been, just have been on there a few times but still can’t figure out how it works and the dynamic of the site. Do you guys know a way to find blackpill threads or just good threads in general?
  8. goron black

    Normies are so delulded JFL

    They are all contemplating at this morph of Kim-Jong-Un saying how "handsome we would be" Imagine being so deluded and having a coping mecanism so strong you think a face 25% narrowwer and 30% smaller would look better on a male