1. A

    Looksmax Please analyze my plan to looksmax (MSE + IMDO + Lefort 1 + Bimax)

    Hi Everyone, I am 5.9" 27 male in need of your valuable advice. Based on my research going through this website and other online resources, I am in the process to get the following procedures: 1 - MSE preferably with 10-12mm expansion (my current IMW is 32mm) 2 - Braces on maxilla to close the...
  2. FACEandDnB


    Results Growing patients have seen 'more than 8mm of protraction in many cases' Non-growing patients had 'around 3mm of protraction' (to my knowledge, growing means anywhere up to when the sutures fuse which is around 20-25) At what stage should I be wearing the facemask? 'Protraction is...
  3. M

    MSE Preparation?

    I'm scheduled to have an MSE installed in a couple weeks. I have legit airway problems, but would also appreciate any aesthetic benefits. Do you have any recommendations for things I should be doing or getting to have ready to help facilitate the process?