1. Josh

    is it over for me?

    im a girl 16, 5'8 on a good day 30-22-35 indian + british by blood third world national meh face, been compared to sara sampaio and asked if i model irl quite a bit. weird child face and transgender esque bones rather tanned and swarthy will send pic on snap or insta been rated 3/10...
  2. love=everything

    should i pay 150 usd to to get @majinbuu unbanned?

    or should i use it to buy drugs this is the last of my money (wasted most of it gambling)
  3. love=everything

    I am liberal egalitarian :smile:

    I am liberal egalitarian :smile: and neoliberal (yes I hate poor whites @ridiculously_lickable, keep crying)